Environmental destruction, war, and toxic shams/spirits have rendered most lands unproductive. Most arable land lays around the arctic circle or inside of a Corp City States or a bunker.

The wastelands are wracked by fluctuations in mana including alchera, mana storms, and mana ebbs that add random strangeness to any trek across the wastelands. Entire alien cities and strange creatures appear out of nowhere.

The wastelands are filled with tribes ruled by warlords. There are also nomadic people that lead trade caravans and raiders who prey on these caravans. Some of the tribes people due to the extinction of the tribe or their on particular madness wander alone or become Tek scavengers looting the broken cities.

The wastes are home to many dangers. Besides the often cannibalistic raiders there are automated weapons systems left over from the war but still functional; free toxic spirits; feral ghouls; etc.

Littered throughout the wasteland are bunkers that glitter like jewels in the waste. They often lure the foolish and the desperate in with there promise of forgotten magic or Tek. A few warlords have risen to their position by raiding a bunker and surviving to take home their prize.

The holy grail of magitek is the SEED System. It is rumored to be able to restore the world from the desert it’s become to it’s former glory.



Donut King

Lost Hope



Wyrm Wood


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