character creation

There are a few changes between shadowruns basic character creation rules.

No life paths.

You start by picking to be an ex-corp citizen or a tribal.

Ex-corp citizen:

Choose a corporation from the big ten. You speak two languages (you have to pay for one of them in karma) one will be your corps langauge the other will be Standard.

Knowledge skills: you may not take any knowledge skills about the wastelands, you can only take outdoors skills if you are a corpsec ranger they are the only ones who patrol outside.

advanced technology: Availability is halved for technology. There is only what is available in the book. Because of the CFD virus nanotechnology research was halted. Other advanced technologies were discovered but have since been lost due to the horrors and war. It is believed that some of the bunkers have these technologies and expeditions are often sent to recover them. Few return.


You speak your tribal language. You may also buy standard or a corp language but cannot be fluent in a corp language. You must take the skills in the outdoors and a melee skill as you would not be alive had you not. You may not have more than two long arms (this includes heavy weapons, assault rifles, etc) you may not have more than 4 pistols, two SMGs or more than 1 SMG and two pistols. You can’t have more than 10 rnds per weapon.

You may have other tech that you have scavenged per GM approval.

You can have cyberware but only at used availability.

You must take knowledge skills relevant to the wastes.

character creation

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