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Harlequin was born in the Fourth World. In the Age of Legends, he was a senior Knight of the Crimson Spire of the City of Spires, Sereatha. The Knights of the Crimson Spire were dedicated to the preservation and protection of elven culture and traditions. Harlequin served as Sereatha’s ambassador to the Elven Court in the Blood Wood. While ambassador, he loudly condemned the corruption of the elves of the Blood Wood. Queen Alachia ignored all his criticisms, causing others to believe the two were related by family or were on intimate terms. Some unknown tragedy broke Harlequin’s spirit, removing all notions of being a noble knight. As the last of his order, Harlequin is also known as the Last Knight of the Crying Spire.

He may have been King Richard the Lion-Hearted. According to Harlequin, King Richard I’s armor “still fits,” though this may be one of his jokes.

In Renaissance-era France, he fought a chal’han with Ehran the Scribe and lost. In the final physical duel, Ehran cut off Harlequin’s left ear.1

He has spent much of the Sixth World focused on magical research and his hatred of Ehran. During the early 2050s, he challenged Ehran to another chal’han. After the duel, he took Ehran’s daughter, Jane “Frosty” Foster into his care. With the completion of the duel, Harlequin fell into a drunken stupor, having nothing further to drive him on.

In the first quarter of 2054, Harlequin participated in a raid on the Universal Brotherhood chapterhouse in Seattle to eliminate the threat of the insect spirits beneath it.

The Mad Passion Vestrial appeared to Harlequin, spurring him to undertake an astral quest to recover Thayla and her voice to prevent the Horrors from crossing the Spike Point created by the Great Ghost Dance. In 2056, several kahunas opened a gateway and several Horrors did cross. With the aid of Dirk Montgomery, the gate was closed. Soon afterwards, he helped Aina fight the Horror Ysrthgrathe. In August 2057, he and Aina joined with Ryan Mercury to use the Dragon Heart to finally level out the Spike Point.

Sometime during January 2058, Harlequin had become a member of the elven Sinsearach Council in Seattle. He had learned of machinations by a free spirit entity, Thon to penetrate the real world through the use of dead elf Ellisia’s body and artifacts inside a mausoleum situated in the Salish-Shidhe lands. In order to foil Thon’s plan, Harlequin dispatches his apprentice, Frosty, to hire a Mr. Johnson named Caleb Brightmore to assemble a team of Shadowrunners led by Michael in order to destroy Thon’s magic source. Unfortunately, most of Michael’s team is assassinated by a Renraku Strike team. Harlequin’s lost hope is restored when Michael’s brother, Joshua, enters Seattle to investigate Michael’s death. Joshua’s investigation is led to both Frosty and Harlequin himself, learning of the overall plot involving Thon. Joshua enters Ellisia’s mausoleum and completes Michael’s mission.

Just before the chaos war began Harlequin and his acolytes slayed a dragon and performed a blood ritual to turn the forrest of Cara’Sir into a copy of the Wyrm wood from the 4th age. The trees grew thorns and moved so close together to keep out the horrors. Thus they remain and no one knows whether his followers survived or succumbed to the horrors. Rumors of a Wildhunt that leaves the forrest to hunt metahumans have kept most from venturing too near.

Currently Harlequin wanders the wastelands dressed in rags and speaking cryptically in verse to himself. Some have tried to follow him and learn prewar magics to their enlightenment or death. Most avoid him.



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