You stand looking at the vault like door covered in dust and dirt. You take one look back at the wastes behind you a crumbling city in the distance. This one might be the one that has a SEED system that could restore GAIA to her full bounty…or it could hold horrors unknown waiting for the mana to rise so they can terrorize the planet again, or automated systems of unkown Tek, or a deranged society of cannibalistic inbred mutants. Only opening the door would tell…

It’s sometime after the year 5000. Magic has risen so high that horrific spirits from the metaplanes descended on the Earth and metahumans had to go underground into bunkers designed to keep them out…in theory. Technology reached unknown heights and fell again due to the chaos sewn by the horrors and war. Now years later magic is ebbing and metahumanity has ventured out of their bunkers and started two parallel societies. Corporate citizens have built totalitarian cities over their bunkers to keep out the chaos of warring tribes that wander the wastelands.

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